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Music and Environment Workshop:


Creating Musical Instruments from Recycled Materials.


We are constantly exposed to music. Sounds are penetrating into our body and soul and the impact of music is enormous. Are we aware enough to this fact?


The workshop of self-creating musical instruments from recycled materials is part of" Eco-Music" project that combines music and environment.

The music as an international language is accepted in all cultures as a powerful tool for bringing people together.

Music and environment are two subjects that are used together in this workshop in order to expend a common ground between different groups.


The purposes:

1. An easy platform for creating a friendly atmosphere for work and co-operation between different groups of people.

2. Increasing the awareness for recycle and other ecological issues by learning how to build musical instruments from recycled and re-used materials.

3. Bringing the participants closer to the world of music and sounds in a different and unexpected way.

4. Contribution for the community: A musical sculpture that is built during the workshop by the participants will remain for the use and benefit of the community.


Workshop Program:

-  Introduction: sound and noise, the powerful effect of music, music in different cultures (including group exercises).

- Creating personal musical instruments.

- Separating into several mixed working groups, designing and building big musical instrument sculptures.

- Preparing a performance based on the instruments of self-made.

Trough this unique and exciting process we bring together individuals and groups to communicate and create a better mutual trust.

This workshop is modular and can last between 1-5 days long.


I would be happy to co-operate with you,


Gil Bohadana

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Where Music and Environment meet

EcoMusic  project

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