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The musical garden

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Musical Gardens

If “architecture is frozen music,” as Goethe suggests, Musical Gardens provide a landscape where people and music flow Back together again.

The musical experience is natural and fundamental for every human being therefor it can be used as an excellent platform to connect people and different populations. It is done by listening to music as public or playing music together as musicians. Here I suggest another channel – creating oversize musical instruments that stand outdoor.

By placing those instruments in the public area it attracts every person to experience music as individual or as a group, no need for previous musical knowledge.

The materials I use for building the instruments are made of reused materials – every unusable item can turn into sound making object and eventually becomes a tuned musical instrument like any other conventional one.

During this creative process a transformation occurs – taking wasted garbage and turning it to sounds and living music in the community.

 For me it is another way of environmental declaration!

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Where Music and Environment meet

EcoMusic  project

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