Musical Picnic table -- made out of building boards 

Xylophone/Marimba:  made out of reused building boards 

cames in a  range of 1-2.5 octaves.

Tubelar  Metalophone
Constructed with a  aluminum/metal  tubing and produce  low  sounds.  Could be built in a different scales

Bench Marimba made out of reused materials

Tubes: A large melodic percussive musical instrument made out of 6-12 tubes. This instrument can be made of metal, p.v.c or other materials in different length (100-350 cm"). It is tuned to pentatonic or any other scale

Rain stick
An instrument that produces sounds of rain drops. In this case the instrument has a round shape (for safety use).

Drums and percussion

Different sizes spectacular colored drums made of recycled materials. Each drum has a different sound.  

metal  tong drum--different sizes musical mushroom 

 Pagoda  Metalophon
A melodic percussion with long bells sounds. The keys are made of aluminum\other reused metal  tubes  connected to a metal\wood construction. This instrument can be designed in different lengths.


Metal marimba 

שולחן מנגן.jpg
פינה ממוחזרת.jpg

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