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The Groovy Junkyard

A show made from what we throw away!

 Gil Bohadana and Abe Doron take us on a journey of discovery where music abounds in so much of our lives' detritus; These two gifted, imaginative musicians create a unique and exciting show that introduces "green themed" music from around the world based on recycling and environmental sustainability.  On stage, musical instruments of recycled materials of every stripe abound: boxes and barrels become drums and flutes are discovered in plastic water pipes, gas tanks and drain pipes, African thumb pianos are revealed in hacksaw blades, and berimbau and “drainophones” and an amazing range of new musical instruments readily evolve from tin cans, bottle caps, balloons, bottles and more, lending themselves to world music from Africa, Australia, Brazil, Ireland and the Far East. 


The show includes audience interaction and brief explanations of the original musical instruments that inspired the recycled ones, and crosses mental barriers as well as national borders, inviting us to see the familiar and undervalued in fresh and creative ways, challenging our imaginations as well as increasing our awareness of our need for a sustainable planet.

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Where Music and Environment meet

EcoMusic  project

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